Investor Information

BAB, Inc., the parent company of BAB Systems, Inc., is a publicly traded company listed under the symbol "BABB". Consult your broker for stock purchasing information.

To provide you with the most current and up-to-date information, the following links will move you to our financial information within For your convenience, each link will open a new browser window. The information located there is updated daily and also provides you with archival material on our Company. Previous filings are available on the SEC Edgar website.

  First Quarter 2020 - 10Q  
  Fiscal 2019 Shareholder Proxy    
  Fiscal 2019 Shareholder Proxy Card    
  Annual Report (10K - Fiscal 2019)  
  Third Quarter 2019 - 10Q
  Second Quarter 2019 - 10Q
  First Quarter 2019 - 10Q
  Fiscal 2018 Shareholder Proxy    
  Fiscal 2018 Shareholder Proxy Card    
  Annual Report (10K - Fiscal 2018)
  IRS Form 8937 - Report of Organizational  Actions Affecting Basis of of Securities     
  Third Quarter 2018 - 10Q
  Second Quarter 2018 - 10Q
  First Quarter 2018 - 10Q
  Fiscal 2017 Shareholder Proxy    
  Fiscal 2017 Shareholder Proxy Card    
  Annual Report (10K - Fiscal 2017)
  Third Quarter 2017 - 10Q
  Second Quarter 2017 - 10Q
  First Quarter 2017 - 10Q

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